August - September 2017

Currently at Alfred University in Alfred, NY as a Guest Director. Creating an original devised piece with undergraduate students in the Performing Arts Division around Free Speech and The First Amendment called WHO IS FREEDOM AND WHY SHOULD WE SPEECH? 

7:30 pm
September 28, 29, 30, 2017
C.D. Smith III Theatre

$10 General Admission
$5 Senior Citizens and Area Students
$2 Alfred University Students with I.D.

Reservations recommended
Tickets Available at 607 871 2828 or


Who is Freedom and Why Should We Speech?
A Devised Piece About Free Speech and the First Amendment

Over the past few weeks, the group of students you will see onstage created this performance piece from a prompt, teamwork, and a lot of creativity. We have constructed a fractured response to this complicated and difficult topic as the current debate around Free Speech continues to grow and change every single day in the United States.

This year, as our country has become more divided and fractured, we're asking: how did this happen? In a post-logic world where facts are feelings and news is fake and institutions and ideals are being dismantled, how do we construct meaning?

I came to Alfred knowing I wanted to make something with students that felt inspired by our current politics. When I visited back in the Spring for a weeklong workshop, the students and I fully jumped into a post-logic state, using Dada and nonsense as the driving inspiration to create a collaged piece of American politics where nothing seemed to make sense anymore. It was a hysterical response to feelings not yet processed.

Instead of looking at the world around us as discombobulated nonsense, we’re now asking pointed questions: How did we get here? What are American values? What are the tenants on which our country was founded and how are they affecting our contemporary moment? Should Free Speech be protected? Should Free Speech be limited? Why?

We invite audiences to consider the topic, our performative response, and have a conversation.