Artist Statement

Dara Malina / I make various forms of performance in and around New York City. Some are durational installation pieces, some are evening length devised collages, and some are...something else. I also direct plays.

I graduated from the MFA program in Theatre Directing at Columbia University, where I adapted and directed Clarice Lispector’s famed novella THE HOUR OF THE STAR as part-durational solo performance and part-vaudevillian stage play.

Some favorite projects have been:
+a site-specific walk through installation of Heiner Müller’s HAMLETMACHINE
+a 6-hr installation for chashama’s 2015 gala called THE POST-STRUCTURALIST UTOPIA: NOW, WITH CATS!
+an evening length performance collage called LILITH, where we investigated Lilith in Yiddish folktales, examining her as metaphor for the fear and strength of the female body
+BLANCHE IN A BOX: a storefront installation where we trapped Tennesee Williams’ favorite hysterical female characters and had them perform as requested by passers-by

Most recently, I directed COSÌ an experimental video featuring Mozart’s COSÌ FAN TUTTE  with The Pleiades Project.